I am an agile IT professional with a diverse skillset spanning Linux/Unix-like, Windows and OS X environments, cloud engineering, LAN/WAN networking, physical infrastructure installation and maintenance, sales engineering and support. I have strong client service skills with an emphasis on conveying technical information in clear language to users within a range of experience levels. My priorities lie in efficient, accurate, and friendly communication, continuously expanding my areas of technical ability and developing elegant & flexible solutions to economize time and resource usage. I would consider myself a proponent of the Unix philosophy, and enjoy working solo as well as in teams of like-minded enthusiasts who choose to make their living from their passions.

References available upon request with respect to privacy.

  • Over 15 years' combined personal and professional background in setup, administration and support of Windows, Mac OS X, BSD and Linux workstations, servers and services across multiple platforms and processor architechtures
  • Nearly ten years' experience in bash/ksh scripting and various interpreted languages including Perl, Python & Ruby
  • Hardware and electronics experience (server/workstation building, laptop repair, soldering, basic electrical)
  • Physical networking/datacenter experience including but not limited to: rack dressing and cable management; backup/continuous power supply systems; fiber, copper and wireless networking hardware administration
  • Knowlegable in network implementation and troubleshooting including: TCP/IP LAN/WAN technologies/topologies; DNS; subnetting; switching & routing (Dell, 3Com, HP, Cisco, ATi, Linux & BSD-based firewalls/routers)
  • 5+ years' experience with cloud computing (dynamic/automated resource allocation & management), including AWS EC2 & S3 provisioning, management, access control and other cloud engineering tools
  • Installing and managing VMware ESXi and KVM/QEMU hosts for a variety of uses, such as VPS services, shared hosting environments, including cPanel/WHM, IaaS virtual server & workstation deployments built within private and public clouds
  • Administration of small-to-medium VoIP systems using TrixBox/Asterisk and IP phones
  • Database administration experience with PostgreSQL
  • Almost a decade of experience providing expert internal and external technical support in a variety of fields
  • Expert ability to effectively communicate technical information in language appropriate to the task/audience
  • Excellent, empathetic and enthusiastic customer service skills
  • Design/outreach skills via Photoshop, InDesign, GIMP, typography, XHTML/CSS, Wordpress, and social media
Cloud Operations Engineer / Hawaii Support Specialist BioTrackTHC - Honolulu, HI - 2017-Present
  • Cloud-based Customer Hosting Operations

    • Head of cloud-hosted database services (managed AWS EC2 instances running Linux & PostgreSQL)
    • Responsible for developing and implementing product offerings, policy, and maintenance/monitoring utilities
    • Cloud engineering, software/network security, image management and maintenance, Perl/bash scripting of in-house utilities
    • P2V conversions/migrations from existing in-house/hosted servers
  • Technical Support & Training

    • Tier 2/3 & Enterprise technical/functionality support and training for BioTrackTHC client software and supported hardware peripherals including POS terminals/related equipment, serial scales and industrial thermal printers
    • Responsible for onboarding Hawaii medical cannabis production/dispensary licensees including software training, industry integration and regulatory best practices
    • Advanced networking & Windows/Linux server administration/troubleshooting escalation point
Technology Consultant/Stage Technician The Shakedown/The Racket, Monumental Undertaking - Washington State - 2016
  • Designed and supported secure wireless network topology and hardware for internal and guest networks in a high-volume bar/music venue environment
  • Consulted on Point of Sale hardware purchase and configuration
  • Responsible for setting up P.A. equipment, cabling power and audio lines, mic placement for live concerts at large (2500+ attendees) public events
  • Managed IT services including wireless networking for Master Fader mixing tools and SPL monitoring per municipal regulations
Technical Support Shift Lead EMEA ReadyTech Corporation - Oakland, CA & Nieuwegein, NL - 2012-2016
  • Team leadership responsibilities included employee training, procedure & workflow development/documentation, tier-2/3 customer support, coordination/management of ESXi and KVM P2V conversions
  • Technical support via phone, e-mail and live chat/assisted support tools
  • Datacenter administrative/technical operations including hardware intake, documentation and support
  • Physical hardware preperation for training lab and datacenter environments
  • Performed P2V conversions for use in IaaS remote training environments
Network/Support Technician OpenAccess Network Services - Bellingham, WA - 2009-2011
  • Provided phone, email, ticket-based and in-person technical support for ISP products
  • Network & datacenter operations, hardware intake and testing
  • On-site installation and support for wireless and fiber-backed services
  • Products supported include Internet service/bandwidth, virtual hosting and physical colocation
Whatcom Community College Bellingham, WA - 2008-2010
  • Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems
Sehome High School Bellingham, WA - 2003-2007
  • High School Diploma